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Before you take pills, use exercises to tackle depression.

The cases of depression (especially in today’s youth) are increasing. In fact, the generation of pre-school education is the fastest-growing segment of the population to be clinically diagnosed with depression. We place the blame wherever we can – at our workplace, at bullying, or in our tight schedules. But what we really need to do is find a solution to an epidemic that is engulfing the nation at an alarming rate. Some people do not want to […]

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How Exercising With a Pet Can Help Motivate You

Have you ever considered recruiting your pet to join you in your exercise program?  Pets can actually help you stay motivated and stick with an exercise regimen if you bring them along the next time you jog, walk or even use the treadmill. We all know that exercising isn’t exactly the most fun part of a diet program. Exercising can seem like work and it’s hard to get motivated enough to start. Even when you’re able to […]

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